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    Posted Jul 11, 2022 14:34

    I am from the Salish Kootenai tribal college in Montana, and we are going all online with our BSW program. Is there any online BSW programs that could help with what they did for the following for their online accreditation?

    AS 2.2.7 2015 EPAS

    Selecting Field Settings:
    Placing and Monitoring Students:
    Supporting Student Safety:
    Evaluating Student Learning:
    Evaluating Field Setting Effectiveness:

    AS 2.2.8 2015 EPAS
    Maintaining Contact with Field Settings:

    Monitoring Student Learning:
    Ensuring Field Setting Effectiveness:


    AS 2.2.10 2015 EPAS

    Field Instructor Orientation:
    Field Instructor Training:
    Methods for Continuing Dialog with Field Education Settings:

    Thank you!

    William Schwarz, MSW

    William Schwarz
    Field Education Director
    Salish Kootenai College
    Pablo MT
    406 275 4889