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  • Welcome, Marie! ------------------------------ Kianna Mckenzie Communications and Marketing Coordinator, CSWE Spark Community Manager Council on Social Work Education VA ------------------------------

  • Hello all!  I'm excited to be joining this group.  I've been a social worker for 20 plus years working in a variety of roles.  I've worked as a LCSW, Social Work Administrator and Adjunct Faculty for many of those 20 years.  I'm currently working as the ...

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  • Greetings All! I wanted to reach out to invite you all to attend CSWE's Annual Program Meeting November 10-13 in Anaheim, California. You can find registration information by visiting Registration and Housing | CSWE . Our Annual Program Meeting is attended ...

  • Posted in: Field Directors

    Andrea, thanks for much for this resource.  This is a great help and a wonderful starting place.  Dave. ------------------------------ David Haller Director of BSW Field Education Roberts Wesleyan College Rochester NY ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Field Directors

    Hi, Penny.  I don't think you have to worry about a license from another state for the FI, since a license is not required in any case for the FI.  As long as your former student has a BSW or MSW degree, they would be eligible to be the FI for a BSW student.  ...

  • Posted in: Field Directors

    Hello Everyone! As we get ready for the beginning of the semester, I am looking for a field safety checklist to share with our students and field instructors. Does anyone have a field safety checklist you would be willing to share? In appreciation, ...

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    Join us at the 2022 Annual Program Meeting (APM) in Anaheim, CA!  From November 10-13, collaborate, learn, teach, and grow with social work education professionals. This year, APM will focus on Leading Critical Conversations: Human Rights Are Global Rights and will feature social work education presentations, an exhibit hall, and networking opportunities. #2022APM #LeadingCriticalConversations #HumanRightsAreGlobalRights #AnnualProgramMeeting

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