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  • Option A, no background checks completed by the university but many of the placement agencies do require background checks. ------------------------------ Lindsey Rinehart Field Education Director & Clinical Instructor West Virginia University Morgantown ...

  • Hi Cynthia - We do not do any background checks on our students but some of the agencies we work with do. I hope this helps. Good luck with your accreditation process! ------------------------------ Patricia Sherman NJ ------------------------------

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    We follow policy A. We used to have student's do them at their cost and submit them to us and then found out that agencies were redoing Background checks on them anyway and also had additional requirements regarding health screenings/drug testing/required ...

  • Posted in: Field Directors

    Kat, I appreciate you sharing your form, that's really useful to see. Our process is not quite as automated through our software (Tevera) but I may give that some thought. We do a field overview with students 6-9 months before they enter field and give ...

  • Posted in: Field Directors

    Hi there, we are in year 2 of our newly developed MSW program and the first cohort of students just started their field placements (we only start placements in the fall). We are using SONIA as a practicum software program and it has mostly worked well ...

  • Posted in: Field Directors

    Hi there, we also follow policy A although we have some placements, mostly in clinical or medical settings, that do require background checks which the student is responsible to coordinate and complete. Best KAT ------------------------------ Katharina ...

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