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  • Hello All, I wanted to share a resource with you that is free and has both video and article resources. Terry Altilio, Anne Kelemen and myself developed a series called Reflections 2020: Deepening Conversation and Informing Action Related to Inequity ...

  • Hello, I am a recent MSW graduate and a member of the CSWE MFP 2021-22 cohort. My social work experience includes working with domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking survivors as well as military members/veterans and their families. Over ...

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  • Dear Colleagues, I'm sharing this link to an important read: https://ignatiansolidarity.net/blog/2022/09/23/migrant-dignity-over-political-games/ Ignatian Solidarity Network Migrant Dignity over Political Games ...

  • Posted in: Field Directors

    Sure, the original source was West Virginia University.  Katie ------------------------------ Katie Klakos Director of Field Education The Ohio State University College of Social Work Columbus OH ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Field Directors

    Katie, Do we have your permission to use the flow chart on the process for addressing problems in field placements?  Of course, stating the source. ------------------------------ Annette Franklin ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Field Directors

    I would also like to see any forms folks wish to share. Thanks! Laura Loessner, LICSW, LCSW-C

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  • Please join me in starting conversations on spanking in our classrooms, homes, and communities.  This ...

  • Posted in: Field Directors

  • Liechty, J.M., Parker, V. L., & Keck, A-S. (2022). Enhancing MSW field education using Rapid Cycle ...

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