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  • In August 2023, the Biden Administration finalized and officially launched a more affordable, income-driven repayment (IDR) plan for student loan borrowers titled the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan . This is one of the actions the Biden ...

  • Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, Minnesota is hiring for a full-time Director of Field Education. Our growing program has both on campus and online students from around the country. This position is a twelve-month position based on ...

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    Hi Karen, That's a great thought, thank you! I was looking on their site to see if I could find the dissertation advisor and committee members listed on the dissertation (to no avail… 2012 feels like it was a million years ago!) but the alumni folks ...

  • Posted in: Field Directors

    Hello Jean, This might be a long shot, but have you thought about reaching out to Capella? They may be able to get a hold of her through Alumni resources at the institution. They may not be able to disclose her information to you, but you can share ...

  • Posted in: Field Directors

    Hi folks, This is probably a strange question, but does anyone out there have any connections to a former field director colleague, Janet Tyler, from Cairn University? I believe she was the Field Director for Cairn University (formerly Philadelphia ...

  • Posted in: Field Directors

    Hi Everyone, We are developing our MSW program and I'm curious as to how others manage placements in different states regarding licensure of field instructors. I do not believe that they need to be licensed to supervise and therefore, licensure is ...

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