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Internships at agencies using psychedelic therapy

  • 1.  Internships at agencies using psychedelic therapy

    Posted Feb 15, 2024 14:29

    Recently our department found out that one of our agencies who are currently hosting a graduate student may be utilizing psychedelic therapy in the future with their clients (Specifically Ketamine).  

    As this is new territory for all of us, we were curious if any other schools have faced this situation, and how is your program approaching this new frontier?

    For example, we're concerned that if a student is directly involved in this type of therapy, that liability insurance will not cover the student. 

    Right now we're debating about allowing the student to remain in this placement. One argument is that if the student is not directly involved in the agency's administration of psychedelic therapy, then the risk for the student (and school) is minimal. However, the argument can also be made that if the student is present at the agency, even though not in the room, liability can be inferred.

    Thoughts and suggestions welcome!

    Meg DeJong-Shier, DSW, LMSW
    Asst. Professor
    West Texas A&M University