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What if we all focused on Membership?? A Social Work Tutorial on Dr. Hans Falck’s Membership Perspective in the age of COVID, featuring Quarantine Not Quarantined by Graduates Rise 

Mar 04, 2022 10:33

What if we all focused on Membership?? A social work tutorial on Dr. Hans Falck’s Membership Perspective featuring Quarantine Not Quarantined by Graduates Rise is a recorded lecture and accompanying Learning Guide that is designed for social scientists who want to push beyond the traditional binary relationship of individual versus collective. The tutorial helps participants to explore how focusing on social work pioneer Dr. Hans Falck's Membership Perspective, as opposed to the supremacy of either individual or collective, might alter human response during the COVID pandemic. The recorded lecture is 45 minutes long and available for free on YouTube. The Learning Guide is also available free and presents additional content for reflection that can be used by independent life-long learners, and there are assignment prompts provided for both synchronous and asynchronous web courses as well as face-to-face settings to help instructors add this content to their course syllabi easily. Learning objectives are tailored for holistic competence, in supporting students to gain knowledge, skills, and practice simulating the cognitive and affective processes that they will need in order to demonstrate competence in exercising practice judgment in real-world social service settings. This is in alignment with the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Educational and Policy Accreditation Standards (EPAS, 2015). While designed for social workers, all instructors are likely to find this tutorial useful in supporting them to easily add content to help students reflect on COVID safety in their courses, as the recorded lecture encourages participants to consider their role as a member of the human race. There is a 10-item knowledge test over basic concepts of the Membership Perspective model, and there are twenty-seven different assignment prompt options that may be used to guide students to contemplate the impact of membership on COVID safety planning, including exploring how COVID impacts different types of people differently, and how focusing on membership over individuality might alter our conceptualizations of what personal freedom means. Assignment prompts use freely available web resources from credible organizations and encourage students to consider real-world tasks such as analyzing the current public health science agenda for COVID and considering how the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to mask-wearing in public. The module also guides participants to apply the Generalist Intervention Model (GIM) to several case scenarios to help participants consider how a social worker might help an individual child facing COVID-related stress, a family trying to make COVID-related decisions about school, a senior citizens center trying to keep seniors safe during COVID, an organization providing services to homeless populations, and a community trying to increase vaccination rates and control hospital surges. The recorded lecture is presented by Dr. CynCorrigible, an Assistant Professor of Social Work and the Songstress for Nashville-based punk band Graduates Rise. Dr. Cyn uses a song and music video they created with band member Grey Jacks during the beginning of the COVID pandemic titled Quarantine Not Quarantined in the lecture as a teaching tool. 
#The Time Is Right for Social Work

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