Cynthia George

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Dr. Cynthia George is an Assistant Professor of Social Work at Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee where they teach courses on research, policy, social welfare, gerontology, and health intervention. Dr. George was an early-worker and a former teen leader. Beyond this, they are an award-winning evaluator with over twenty years of professional experience in community-engaged intervention planning and evaluation working with partners from across the United States on a variety of issues including driver safety, substance abuse prevention, healthy relationships, crime prevention, and inclusion of people with disabilities. Dr. George also writes lyrics and sings for the punk band Graduates Rise. Their debut album Math is Hard! was accepted to perform at the 2017 Working Class Studies Association Conference held in Bloomington, Indiana. Their track Slave Body was included on Severe Impact: The Brock Turner Mixtape, an international Riot Grrrl compilation to support the prevention of sexual assault on college campuses. Dr. George also created the video for Graduates Rise’s single Pussygrabber.  Graduates Rise has performed at academic events including the 2018 Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists, Inc. Conference and the 2018 United Campus Workers Statewide Convention, for advocacy events like Nashville’s 2019 Bianca Page Day and Women’s March, and at traditional music venues across the south and up the east coast. Graduates Rise’ most recent release is an edutainment module integrating punk music and social work theory titled “What if we all focused on Membership?? A Social Work Tutorial on Dr. Hans Falck’s Membership Perspective in the age of COVID, featuring Quarantine Not Quarantined by Graduates Rise” They are working on their next album titled Canary.