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I'm Henry W. Kronner, an Associate Professor in Social Work at Regis College.  I have over 25 years of clinical experience; some of the populations with whom I have worked are: children, adults, older adults, children/families in the Department of Children and Family Services, people with HIV/AIDS, patients in crisis who needed inpatient treatment, and LGBTQ+ clients.   I have taught in social work programs since 1998 (part-time) and began teaching full-time in 2005.  I also maintain a private clinical practice providing counseling services adults and couples. I enjoy providing psychotherapy to clients as it allows me to stay active in clinical practice, which informs my teaching and helps me to give back to my profession and community.

I currently live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  The move was so I could have a better work-life balance.  When I am not working, I enjoy socializing with my friends, exercising (running and bike riding are my favorite), reading fiction, and spending time with my partner.