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NEW book by social workers for any health care provider

  • 1.  NEW book by social workers for any health care provider

    Posted Mar 08, 2023 08:04

    Mirrors and Windows is a self published book written by a sampling of social workers colleagues who have influenced and been influenced by the profound work that we all share. Each reflection is 700 words or less and they capture experiences that touch heart, mind and soul. They are not idealized and are an invitation for others - students, colleagues, academics, administrators etc - to catch a glimpse of our work, joys and struggles. While written by social workers we know that many of the reflections will resonate with those who share the care of patients - docs, nurses, chaplains, child life, patient care attendants etc. at the same time that they provide a glimpse of our work. 

    This is Social Work month and we are thrilled to be able to bring this to fruition to celebrate a slice of our work and honor the patients, families and colleagues whose stories need not be lost.  Take a look:

     Mirrors and Windows: Reflections on the Journey in Serious Illness Practice.: Leff, Vickie, Kelemen, Anne, Altilio, Terry, Patneaude, Arika, Leff, Vickie: 9798370034343: Books.

    Finally, you are welcome to direct folks to a brief description of the book and information about bulk ordering through the website


    Vickie Leff
    Palliative Care Consultant
    Adjunct Instructor, UNC School of Social Work, Chapel Hill