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Federal Work Study Used for Field Placements

  • 1.  Federal Work Study Used for Field Placements

    Posted Aug 17, 2023 12:55

    Hello fellow Field Educators,

    I am interested to learn if any programs use federal work study to support eligible students who are placed in an unpaid internship.  At Rowan, many students qualify but the amount of federal work study funds allotted does not fully cover the required 450 hours (it typically covers 150-200 hours). 

    A summary of our thoughts:

    (1) Pay the students for 200 hours and then the rest of the hours would be unpaid.  We don't feel this is equitable as we can't pay them for work, and then not pay them for the same work.

    e could pay students for client interaction, but not paperwork and training-so students would get paid for 4 hrs per week for the whole academic year instead of their first 150-200 hours.  We are not sure of this as it might be difficult to tease out---not sure if work study would agree to this.    

    e split an internship and all hours worked with Agency A would be paid (4 hrs), and other 12 hrs would be at an unpaid site, Agency B---so still only interning for 16 hours, which is our weekly requirement.  

    Thanks you all!

    Staci Fattore, LCSW

    Field Education Director, Rowan University

    Staci Fattore
    Rowan University