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  • 1.  Welcome

    Posted Oct 23, 2019 12:37
    Welcome to the CSWE SPARK Field Education Track community! As a co-chair of the Field Education Track, I want to encourage you to browse through posted discussions throughout the conference. This online connected community's goal is to "spark"  conversation, share ideas, and collaborate with field education professionals.

    Dr. Peggy Adams and myself have been co-chairs of the Field Education Track for three years. I am the Field Education Director for the social work program at Western Illinois University. This begins my 12th year as Field Education Director. My practice experience has been in medical social work.

    We open up the discussion with the following questions :
    How many years have you worked as a Field Educator (i.e. Director, Coordinator, Liaison, etc). Optional: tell us about yourself
    What areas of Field Education are the most rewarding and most challenging?

    Katherine Perone