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Request for Proposals: Spiritual Competency Training in Graduate Education

  • 1.  Request for Proposals: Spiritual Competency Training in Graduate Education

    Posted Mar 30, 2022 11:53
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    Research has shown the relevance of spirituality and religion for effective and client-centered mental health care. However, few graduate students receive training in how to conceptualize or address clients' spirituality in their clinical practice. To address this need for training, we are inviting faculty from graduate programs in Counseling, Marital and Family Therapy, Clinical/Counseling Psychology, and Social Work to teach and evaluate standardized spiritual competency content that will be integrated into one of their required clinical courses.

    COURSE CONTENT: The standardized course content will replace 15% of your current course's content and will include in-class discussions, a role-play activity, and an empirically supported Spiritual Competency Training in Mental Health (SCT-MH) online training program. You will learn how to integrate and teach the course material with the help of a detailed teaching manual and course materials, a virtual live orientation session, and consultation calls. You will teach the rest of your current course as you typically do. You do not need any prior training in religion/spirituality and mental health to participate.

    COMPENSATION: As faculty, you will be paid a stipend of $30,000 to be trained in SCT-MH, teach the course, and facilitate the collection of evaluation data. Your department/program will also receive $10,000 to integrate the SCT-MH program into your graduate program's coursework.

    TO APPLY: See our website for more details regarding this exciting opportunity and to submit an application. Please pass this information to your colleagues who may be interested. One application per university/program. Applications are due by July 1, 2022.


    Kianna Mckenzie
    Communications and Marketing Coordinator, CSWE Spark Community Manager
    Council on Social Work Education