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  • 1.  Transporting clients

    Posted May 09, 2023 10:18
    Hello Everyone,

    I am writing to see if anyone has any policies that they implement in their Field Education program regarding students transporting clients during their practicum.

    This has come up in some Community agencies, that offer a lot of case management

    Thank you for any feedback or suggestions that you may be able to offer

    Thank you

    Tamlyn Ashford, Ed.D., MSW, LCSW
    Assistant Professor Social Work
    Director of Field Education

    One College Park Drive. Saint Louis, MO 63141. 314.392.2245

  • 2.  RE: Transporting clients

    Posted Jun 26, 2023 14:10

    Per our legal department, students cannot transport clients in their own vehicles.  They are allowed to transport clients in agency vehicles (that are marked as such) with the written consent of the agency allowing for student interns to transport on behalf of the agency, and are covered by the agency insurance.

    Dr. Sibyl Beaulieu, Director of Field Education

    University of Massachusetts, Global Department of Social Work

    [Sibyl] [Beaulieu] [DSW]
    [Director of Field Education and Assoc. Professor]
    [University of Massachusetts, Global