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  • 1.  Time 2 Track

    Posted Feb 20, 2024 22:27

    Hi all, 

    Curious to know if any programs are using Time 2 Track and if so your experience with it? 

    Thank you!

    Courtney McDermott

  • 2.  RE: Time 2 Track

    Posted Feb 21, 2024 09:13

    Hello Courtney,

    I had used Time 2 Track previously and found it to a good field tracking tool.  However, it was very time consuming to upload the information and orient students/field instructors to the system.  Time 2 Track does offer instructions but I found I still had to troubleshoot.  It is affordable.  I had to build my field forms in the system and could not upload my documents that I had put together, it was very time consuming and I could never figure on how to do it. I had decided to not use the system and provided an overview of my experience with the Time 2 Track Team.  A nice feature as well is the great customer support and the storage of student field documents.

    Theresa Swindler
    Field Director
    Youngstown State University
    Youngstown OH