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  • 1.  Returning student and field placement

    Posted Jul 20, 2023 18:21

    Hello all!

    I have a student that back in 2016 completed only half of their field placement hours (210) and completed the field placement class. They are missing half of their hours and would like to complete them. My understanding is that this is not possible, that all hours must be completed at the same time and that the seminar must be taken at the same time. Since she took half the course and the seminar (and passed), FAFSA would not cover her retaking the classes. 

    Any suggestions? Thank you!

    Angelica Guillen
    Program Director/ Assistant Professor
    St Augustine College
    Chicago IL

  • 2.  RE: Returning student and field placement

    Posted Jul 21, 2023 14:25

    Hi all,

    Angelica, I am so sorry that I have no helpful ideas. But your post made me pause:

    The idea that students must complete all their placement hours in one stint is new to me (though I'm also relatively new in my position). Can someone point me in the direction of the accreditation information that dictates this? It would be super helpful as I have two students returning to placement this coming year after not successfully completing theirs last year.
    Many thanks, 

    Jean Sienkewicz (she/her/hers)
    Lecturer/Field Education Coordinator
    University of Vermont
    Burlington VT