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Question for a hybrid model.

  • 1.  Question for a hybrid model.

    Posted Mar 20, 2023 23:13

    Greetings everyone,

    I am a long-time lurker but rarely post. However, my BSW Program Director has taken on the extremely overwhelming, daunting, and thankless tasks of trying to meet the needs of our student population. Primarily, our program will potentially move to a hybrid model with the senior year for our BSW program. I want to add that the former years of the formal program will not be changed. 

    I am writing you all today to inquire about some ideas that will be meaningful and justified in doing as an "online" assignment during the weeks we are not meeting in person. Our in-person meetings will focus primarily on processing events and activities at their field agency. I am still rather new to working in academia full-time. However, I feel my program director is being met with consistent challenges involved with this process. I want to be able to provide her with some information that might be useful to use in this hybrid model for our students. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I appreciate any help you can provide. 

    Jared Johnson
    Lecturer/BSW Field Education Director.
    Middle Georgia University
    Macon GA