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Paid internships: Survey follow up

  • 1.  Paid internships: Survey follow up

    Posted Aug 02, 2022 17:38

    Dear Fellow Fielders,

     I will continue to present this opportunity to influence the conversation about paid internships to you throughout the month of August.


    Thank you for your consideration. Remember, not knowing the answers is as informative as having them all.

    The purpose of this survey is to gain a better understanding about field-related funding in social work programs and schools.

    We have identified five sources of academic institutional student funding not including loans.

    Questions on this survey are specific to 3) field-related funding:

    1) Student employment, e.g., teaching/graduate assistant, work-study positions

    2) Academic scholarships, i.e., supported by endowments but not specific to internship placement or responsibilities

    3) Field-related

    1. Work-based placements, i.e., students are paid as employees, not as student interns
    2. Agency funding, i.e., stipends paid by the internship agency to the interns
    3. Program/School funding, i.e., endowment or grant-related funding tied to internship expectations


    Please note that the questions are specific to the number of internships, not the number of agencies. For example, if you have one agency that routinely hosts three interns, that would count as three internships.


    Please submit one survey per field program. We look forward to sharing aggregate findings of this survey with CSWE field directors and programs in November. All survey responses are anonymous by survey design. You will have the option to receive more information by completing a separate contact form on the last screen.


    Thank you,


    Tanya Voss

    Clinical Professor | Assistant Dean for Field Education | Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
    The University of Texas at Austin | Steve Hicks School of Social Work |
    1925 San Jacinto Blvd, | D3500 | Austin, TX 78712

    Clinical Professor | Assistant Dean for Field Education | Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
    The University of Texas at Austin | Steve Hicks School of Social Work |
    1925 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78712