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Other Accredited Programs Accessibility Policies

  • 1.  Other Accredited Programs Accessibility Policies

    Posted Mar 27, 2023 10:11



    My name is Maggie Moss and I'm a social work student at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE). I am currently completing my practicum in the SIUE Social Work Practicum Office along with Dr. Carter, Practicum Education Director & Department Chair. In case you're not familiar with our university, we are located in Southern Illinois about 15 minutes from downtown St. Louis and just north of Alton and Granite City.    


    One of my tasks in the Practicum Office includes helping our office further develop and refine how it communicates to sites about student accessibility needs. Sometimes we have sites that tell us they are unable to accommodate diverse student accommodations such as supports for hearing-impaired students, ramps for students with physical limitations, or visual supports such as 'readers' for students with visual impairments. For the most part, our university disability support office provides lots of resources for students and students can utilize these resources at their practicum site, but even still some sites are not equipped to provide additional support.  

    We totally understand and respect that all practicum sites are different and have varied capacities, so we are not expecting them to do it all, especially our smaller non-profits, but we are wondering how other practicum offices work with sites when it comes to ensuring they provide apt support for students with varied accessibility needs.  


    Please fill out this survey if you are interested in providing insight into your program.


    We are just trying to see what others accredited programs are doing so we can continue to develop and improve our efforts.  


    I would appreciate any feedback! 


    Maggie Moss
    BSW Practicum Student
    Southern Illinois University Edwardsville