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  • 1.  *how do you identify practicum sites for MSW online students?*

    Posted 8 days ago
    Hello colleagues,

    I hope you're doing well in these last few weeks of the semester!  We have recently started our online MSW program at Saint Louis University, and we are anticipating its future growth.  That said, I'm curious to know how you've approached identifying practicum sites.

    1.  How are you finding and vetting them?
    2.  Do you utilize any sites that are 100% virtual?  If yes, are you comfortable sharing that information?

    Take care and hold on until the semester break!

    Wendy DuCasse
    Saint Louis University

  • 2.  RE: *how do you identify practicum sites for MSW online students?*

    Posted 3 days ago
    Hi Wendy,

    We have an MSW Online program here at Northern Arizona University! Regarding your questions -

    Students are required to find an internship site in their community that meets the requirements for supervision and exposure to the nine CSWE Competencies. The student shares the contact information for the organization and we meet with them via Zoom to learn more about their organization and if they meet our requirements. Currently, this interview process has been successful but we are considering a more formal application-type process for organizations.

    We do not allow 100% virtual internships and only allow internships to have a partial virtual component if the organization provides some services virtually. Students are expected to be in the office for the majority of their internship.

    Claire Halligan
    Assistant Director of Field Education
    Northern Arizona University
    Flagstaff AZ