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  • 1.  Field Seminar

    Posted 15 days ago

    Good Afternoon! I wanted to know what you actually teach in field seminar and if you have any good ideas that you could share? 


    Natalie Yates
    Co-Field Director

  • 2.  RE: Field Seminar

    Posted 15 days ago

    Greetings Natalie! I have been on the other side as a field liaison, but this is my first semester as a practicum instructor. We are in week one where emphasis is being placed on students having a school/work/life balance, overcoming their fears regarding placement and taking care of their health and wellbeing. I have expressed that practicum is a safe space for learning and to trust the process as they work toward being competent and capeable social workers! 

    Students have been given a weekly journal assignment where they write specifically about how the NASW competenicies are applied in practice. I believe it will be a helpful way for them to draw important connections. Discussions on topics such as NASW ethics will serve two fold, practice and licensing preparation.   

    Setting the bar high and being clear on expectations is a must! Students do not get a pass for completing an assignment but in the ability to apply deep and critical thinking to discussion posts, journaling, and a capstone project where they will demonstrate the skills and knowledge gained from the practicum experience. I have been really impressed with the thoughtful attention given in their discussion posts.

    I look forward to keeping you posted a long the way! Please share some of the things you are doing in your program.


    Beverly Peters Westbroos
    +1 (404) 406-6288