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Field Practicum and Seminar Transfer Policy

  • 1.  Field Practicum and Seminar Transfer Policy

    Posted Oct 02, 2023 12:22

    Hello Colleagues:

    Just wondering what your field practicum and seminar/internship transfer policy is.  Do you allow students from other programs to transfer field credits and hours?  If you do, what is your criteria used?  If not, what is the policy language used?

    I'm asking for a question posed to us by a Guild vendor, who provides us with students who are employees.  Our current policy does not allow for the transfer of any field hours from another school and we required that all hours and credits be earned in our BSW/MSW program.  

    Thank you for your thoughts, policy sharing and comments.

    Best regards,

    Sibyl R. Beaulieu, DSW, MSW, LMSW
    Associate Professor and Director of Field Education
    The Social Work Department @ UMass Global
    T 951.413.2914 
    Pronouns:  She/Her/Hers
    Preferred address by students: 
    Dr. Beaulieu, Prof. Sibyl, Prof. Beaulieu