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  • 1.  Field Education Application for Students

    Posted Mar 09, 2023 09:43

    Good Morning fellow Field Education Directors,

    My team wants to utilize a field application so we have students' areas of interest, necessary accommodations, and an area in which we can have them sign off on expected hours, code of conduct, NASW Code of Ethics, etc all in one place.  Does anyone else use an application and willing to share their template?  Thanks!

    Staci Fattore, LCSW

    Rowan University, Field Education Director 

    Staci Fattore
    Rowan University

  • 2.  RE: Field Education Application for Students

    Posted Mar 10, 2023 01:28
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    Hello Staci,

    We use a simple Qualtrics questionnaire as a kind of application.  It is more about information gathering prior to meeting with the student to guide us in coordinating the placement.  It does not include exposing them to practicum policies and expectations.  All of that is covered in the practicum orientation and then in the eventual agreement they will sign.  I have attached the template here.

    Best wishes!

    CJ Sorenson
    Director of Field Education
    Utah State University
    Logan UT


  • 3.  RE: Field Education Application for Students

    Posted Mar 11, 2023 14:38

    Good morning. I've attached copies of applications we use for Generalist and Advanced students. This is the first year we are embedding policy requirements that students need to initial when submitting the application. You'll see that we didn't address hours, code of conduct, etc, but focused on expectations to be eligible to be assigned to a placement.

    I plan to submit these documents to be included in the NANFED Repository so that any NANFED member can access them in the future. 

    Julie Kates