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  • 1.  Employment-based Field Approvals/Process

    Posted Dec 20, 2023 09:50


    I'm trying to get a better idea of how other schools track or process approvals for employment-based field placements. Once we review a rough plan from the student, the student then gets electronic signatures from: 

    1. Work Supervisor
    2. Field Educator
    3. Agency Director

    I'm curious, how many schools require some sort of e-signature? And if so, from whom?

    Michael Lynch, LMSW
    Clinical Associate Professor – Field Education
    University at Buffalo School of Social Work
    637 Baldy Hall
    (716) 645-1236

  • 2.  RE: Employment-based Field Approvals/Process

    Posted Dec 21, 2023 00:08

    Hi Michael.

    On July 12, 2023, the CSWE Council on Field Education's (COFE) Education and Training (EAT) Committee hosted a Hot Topic forum on Employment Based Placements. As a member of the EAT committee, I shared the application materials and policy that we developed at my University (PSU). We asked participants to share their materials and a few did send some to me. I've attached the materials we collected along with the powerpoint from the forum.

    At PSU, we don't have a platform to collect actual electronic signatures (we don't have access to docusign or another similar platform) so we have the employment supervisor, the proposed field instructor, fiscal officer if applicable, type their names after the following disclosure:

    Your name and contact information on this application indicates that you are aware of your employee's application to the Employed Social Work Internship option, that you are aware of the program's criteria, and that you are willing to work with the Director of Field Education or their designee, toward developing appropriate internship assignments and social work field education supervision for the employee.

    Separate from the attached resources, if you are a member of NANFED, you can also access materials in the NANFED repository. 

    Wishing you and all of us a happy and healthy New Year.


    Julie Kates, MSW, LCSW
    Associate Professor of Practice
    Director of Field Education
    School of Social Work
    Portland State University

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

  • 3.  RE: Employment-based Field Approvals/Process

    Posted Dec 21, 2023 09:43

    Hi Michael-

    Indiana University School of Social Work uses Sonia so we have an Employment Based Petition form that students complete when requesting an employment based practicum.  The only "signatures" we have on it are from the student and field coordinator. However, as part of the approval process the Field Coordinator meets with the student, their work supervisor, and proposed field instructor to go over the work and practicum responsibilities so everyone is on the same page.  This meeting is done before the Field Coordinator approves the employment based practicum.


    Stephanie Lyons