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  • 1.  Seeking information on "Field Coordinator" roles

    Posted Apr 12, 2022 18:45
    Greetings Field Director Colleagues - 

    I'm seeking information and/or examples of how other schools utilize "field coordinator" roles within their programs.  As I understand the role, they are extensions of the field director that assist in developing and maintaining placements within a certain geographic region or program concentration, they may also assist in placing students within specific regions and/or program concentrations.  Are there any schools within this group who have this position in play or something similar to this role (like assistant field director)?  If so, would anyone mind sharing the duties/responsibilities of these roles?  

    Thank you kindly, 

    Sarah Featherly
    Director of Field Education
    Eastern Washington University
    Cheney WA

  • 2.  RE: Seeking information on "Field Coordinator" roles

    Posted Apr 12, 2022 23:07
    Hello Sarah,

    At Utah State we use field coordinators.  We are the land grant institution in Utah so we have a distance education program with a number of campuses spread across the state.  Each campus has at least one social work faculty located at the campus.  Generally these are clinical faculty and part of their load is field education.  They are responsible for coordinating placement for the students who attend at their campus and then monitoring placement as the liaison, as well as being the instructor for the practicum seminar.  At our main campus we also have an assistant director of field.  I focus largely on coordinating the MSW field and they coordinate the BSW.

    Hope that helps!

    CJ Sorenson
    Director of Field Education
    Utah State University
    Logan UT