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  • 1.  Grading practicum

    Posted Apr 12, 2022 18:48
    Hello again colleagues, 

    I am also seeking information on the way in which schools are grading their field education program (practicum and seminar).  We currently use a pass/fail grading structure, and are curious if there are schools who use a GPA grading structure for their practicum program.  We are exploring the pros/cons of moving from a pass/fail structure to a GPA structure when grading and was hoping to learn from schools who may already use a GPA when grading practicum.
    Thank you for any information, input, or examples you are able to share with us.

    Sarah Featherly
    Director of Field Education
    Eastern Washington University
    Cheney WA

  • 2.  RE: Grading practicum

    Posted Apr 12, 2022 18:57
    We currently use a traditional grading system. Seminar class is based upon assignments and class attendance/participation. Practicum is graded based upon submission of the Learning Contract, Midterm Evaluation and Final Evaluation.  



    Cheryl Cooper, LSW

    Director of Field Instruction

    Social Work MSW Program

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  • 3.  RE: Grading practicum

    Posted Apr 13, 2022 13:22


    We grade Seminar as a letter grade as there are written assignments and regular class meetings.  We grade the internship as Pass/Fail based on the completion of hours and a passing evaluation.  The reason we grade P/F for the internship are:

    * We want the focus to be on growth and feedback.  We use a 10 point scale, and don't expect students to be at 9s or 10s in their first couple quarters.  Even in their final quarter, we want students to view their rating as indication of growth, so we didn't want to tie them to a grade.  Having a rating of 6, for example, in one competency area doesn't mean that they are failing all of field, it simply means that either they've shown a lot of growth from previous quarters in that specific area, and/or it means they have a specific area for growth still.  We like to focus on the feedback and showing students that graduate school will prepare them with the base level of expected competency, and then they will continue to grow and learn continuously post graduation.  We consider ratings of 1-2 to be failing ratings.  

    * There is no way to have inter-rater reliability with field evaluations, so letter grades would be so subjective.  


    Aneesha Bharwani
    Assistant Dean for Field Education, Associate Professor of the Practice
    University of Denver
    Denver CO

  • 4.  RE: Grading practicum

    Posted Apr 13, 2022 14:03
    Hi Sarah, 

    We have a traditional grading structure.  The students must receive a B or better in order to move on to the next field class. The graded assignments include: Learning Agreement, Process Recordings, Attendance & Participation, Weekly Journals, a final project (this project varies on the level but an example is a psychosocial) and the Evaluation.  

    Hope this helps.

    Sarah Brown
    Director of Field and Professional Education
    Monmouth University School of Social Work
    Long Branch NJ