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The World Needs More Social Workers

  • 1.  The World Needs More Social Workers

    Posted Mar 26, 2022 02:05
    Edited by Kianna Mckenzie Mar 28, 2022 09:38

    My name is Austin Morse and I am an MSW student at the University of Utah studying school social work. I have some amazing students in my cohort and one asked that I share a message on this forum:

    "Due to the licensing policy changes enacted by DOPL and the ASWB, MSW students are no longer able to test in their final semester, nor receive authorization to test until after their degree is conferred on their transcripts. The potential implications of this new policy could lead to delays in MSW students entering the workforce and continuing the vital services they provide to our communities. Additionally, we are greatly concerned about the potential wait times associated with sitting for the exam. According to several first-hand accounts, Pearson Vue has stated it could be months before students are able to test. This is in good faith, as students will be competing with other disciplines such as Nursing, Pharmacy, etc. (who are able to register in their final semester) for testing slots. This delayed testing stifles the ability for students to acquire hours needed to attain the LCSW license, and could result in financial/employment losses for students and the workforce," (Ryanna Durrant, personal communication, March 25th 2022).

    Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. It seems like the world could use a lot more social workers right now and licensing requirements are cumbersome. I have been in school for seven years, why is my degree not good enough to apply for my own therapy license? We can still utilize tools like supervision collegial support (like this forum), and allow students the option to more easily assist with the crisis we are seeing in our country and in Europe. I am tired of standing by and I will continue my work even if no flexibility is given. We have been through COVID-19, an insurrection, extreme political divide, the BLM movement, hyper-inflation, social isolation, supply chain issues, demanding school schedules, and maintained our own mental health: we are ready. As you can see from the passionate advocacy work of Ryanna the world needs more practice and less policy. The University of Utah MSW students are not alone in this work, students from other universities are joining with us. 

    Lastly I am working with the American Red Cross, The University, friends, professors, and associates to help Ukraine and address the political divide in our country. I have started professional advocacy work, if you would like to add your expertise to the conversation follow along @ austintheadvocate on twitter and TikTok.

    Thank you! 

    -Austin Morse 


    Austin Morse
    University of Utah College of Social Work - - salt lake city, UT
    Ogden UT