Revising Data Collection on Social Work Education

By Kianna Mckenzie posted Mar 09, 2022 13:38


There are pressing needs within the social work education community for accurate and timely data on social work students and graduates, programming, faculty, and financing including tuition and financial aid. To be more responsive to those needs, CSWE is undergoing a process of reviewing and revising the Annual Survey on Social Work Education in the United States to streamline data collection and reporting.  

One result of that process is the modification of data collection procedures – the existing survey, which collects data using a long questionnaire, will be split into multiple components and administered at various times throughout the year to each social work program’s primary contact. The survey will include queries on five areas, which will then serve as the basis for individual reports. These changes will ultimately help provide social work programs and other key stakeholders with meaningful data on several education-related issues.

Component Open Date Close Date
Student Enrollment 2/28/2022 4/15/2022
Graduates 2/28/2022 4/15/2022
Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid 2/28/2022 4/15/2022
Faculty 5/2/2022 6/15/2022
Programming 5/2/2022 6/15/2022

Please be on the lookout for an email from Qualtrics, and not from a CSWE e-mail address, with your invitation to these surveys.  

Findings from the 2021-2022 Annual Survey will be presented at CSWE’s 68th Annual Program Meeting (APM) in Anaheim, CA, November 10–13, 2022, and made available afterwards on the CSWE Web site.  

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