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BSW Seminar and Field Practicum potential changes

  • 1.  BSW Seminar and Field Practicum potential changes

    Posted May 24, 2023 06:44

    Hi Everyone, 

    We are considering or being asked to consider a couple of changes to our program.  I am seeking out wise counsel from each of you on these suggestions:

    1.  Combining our Field Seminar (1 credit) and our Field Practicum (3 cr) into one 4-credit course.  
            a. Are there Pros/Cons that you see?
    2.  How many students do you have in each section of Field?  
            a.  We have 15 and would like to cap it at 12 but getting some understandable pushback.  I'd appreciate your Input for drafting a rationale for this.
            b. Also, do you meet with the whole section once a week, or with 1/2 the group, every other week?
    3.  Our Practicum is only 3 credits which seems low to me. However to increase it would mean:
           a.  greater cost to students
           b.  changing our program from 60 to 63 credits OR
           c. eliminating an elective to keep the program at 60 credits
    4.  Course load for Field Director 
          a.  Do you receive a course load relief for the position? If so, what?

    Thank you for helping me to think through some of this to be able to present a good rationale for or against any of the above.

    Penny McQuinn
    Field Director/Lecturer
    SUNY Plattsburgh
    Plattsburgh NY