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100% Remote internship experiences?

  • 1.  100% Remote internship experiences?

    Posted Feb 28, 2023 14:59

    Dear Field Educators--

    Do any of you offer a fully 100% remote internship experience to students?   We are  2 years into providing an Online MSW and we are debating if our program should make in person on site internships a fundamental requirement of the program.  That being said,  we have always had a  policy that articulates how a student can count internship hours when working off site and unobserved  (this includes if they are doing remote internship activities from home).   Now with the online program we are being asked by administrators to consider 100% remote internships.  

    I am not a fan of this,  but want to do my due diligence in gathering as much data and information to make an informed decision.  My bias leans toward in person being a fundamental and functional requirement of our program.    Is anyone aware of any research related to 100% remote field work and competency/student learning outcomes?   

    If anyone is doing this, I would love to speak with you .  If anyone has done any deep dive regarding this and can share any information you have, I would appreciate it.  THANK YOU!!!

    Tracy Walker, Director of Field Education
    Syracuse University