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  • This July, the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) celebrated the release of the 2022 Education Policy and Accreditation Standards ...

  • The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) announced the  grantees for the seventh cycle  of the Katherine A. Kendall Institute ...

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  • On August 5, 2022, the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) released  2022 ASWB Exam Pass Rate Analysis  which offers descriptive ...


  • APM Track Chairs and Co-Chairs Needed!

    Would you be interested in serving as a Track Chair or Co-Chair for this year’s Annual Program Meeting (APM)? The conference theme is "It's Time to Act: Defining and Reckoning With Anti-Racist Social Work Education." Apply here by January 27, 2023, to be an APM Track Chair and Co-Chair. The following tracks have vacancies:

    African Americans and the African Diaspora (Co-Chair)
    Disability Issues (Co-Chair)
    Educational Outcomes Assessment (Co-Chair)
    International Issues (Co-Chair)
    Latina/Latino Issues (Co-Chair)

  • Welcome to the Pre-Candidacy Community!

    This group is a private community for programs pursuing Pre-Candidacy. This group is open to any baccalaureate or master's faculty or administrators of programs that are in Pre-Candidacy status or are starting programs that will be pursuing Pre-Candidacy status. You are welcome to remain in this group and continue attending Pre-Candidacy workshops until your program receives Candidacy.

    Once you join the group, please post an introduction, letting us know your name, program, state/territory, program level, role in that program, agenda you are pursuing/intend to pursue, and any other information you would like to share.

    Please feel free to use this group to ask any developmental questions of your peers, share resources, or post any discussion starters with your peers who are undergoing the same developmental process. You are all developing policies, procedures, student handbooks, field manuals, developing field sites, etc., and can be great resources for each other.

    In addition, if there are any consultative or interpretation questions you would like to ask of me publicly, I am happy to answer any questions for the group.



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